It’s Not About You

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Perhaps you’ve heard of the “prosperity gospel” – It’s dumb!  Adherents to this distorted doctrine, at one level or another, account for virtually all the hypocritical, self-righteous, arrogant self-proclaimed Christians.  These guys ruin everything for the real Christians.  And I’m not trying to judge as much as I am trying to warn others to be discerning of this false doctrine, because this theology is essentially saying God will make you rich and perfectly healthy if you have enough faith.*

A few weeks ago I heard a pastor exhort his congregation to throw their checkbooks on the table and command, in the name of Jesus Christ, $20,000 into their account.  He said, “All you need is enough ‘faith’ (a.k.a. an extra $100 in the offering plate for the new building fund).”  This is possibly the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard.  If you are going to a church that teaches anything remotely close to this, leave that church.  The fact is you often pay a price for the kingdom of God.  Jesus died on the cross.  The apostles were all martyred.  Job was the most righteous man of his time and God allowed Satan to take his riches and his health from him.  Surely it wasn’t their lack of faith.

I’m not saying a Christian can’t be rich or healthy.  God blesses us frequently in those areas, but it won’t be for our glory.  It will be for His.  Our life situation has nothing to do with our amount of faith and everything to do with God’s plan for our lives.  If you’re praying for a Rolls Royce or to be disease free so you can live 930 years like Adam, forget it.  Start praying for the lost.

Be aware of the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of teachers teaching this heresy.  Correct and sound doctrine will have positive eternal consequences. 

*What’s “enough” faith?  To me, you either believe something or you don’t.  For instance, I don’t just believe in Jesus 67%, the US landing on the moon 72%, and the sum of two and two equating four 96%.  I just believe in those things.  That’s it. 


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